On Prior Authority 

This is a must read case for care lawyers. This para stood out. As the point seemed to me an important one, I offered, through my clerk. to allow the LSC to be represented at the hearing. I was, accordingly, considerably surprised on 9 May that not only was the LSC not represented, but that […]


A delegate on last weeks Webinar asked me about the meaning of “investigation” at Question C.6.i of the PQQ. They subsequently sought clarification and expansion of this and have just received the following reply; Thank you for your message. Questions C.6.i applies to investigations being undertaken by the Applicant Organisation’s regulatory body.

24-Hour Bar 

The issue of Duty Solicitor “employment” is one we have had to deal with a couple of times recently. In this Crimeline Updater Andrew Keogh comes at the question from a slightly different angle. This is well worth a read if for no other reason than to conjour up images of Barristers, at the Police […]

Communication Breakdown 

You will not be able to reach Andy on his mobile today (and perhaps for a couple of days). In the meantime please ring either Simon or the Office and we will convey messages to him.