QA Upgrade?

We have had the pleasure of Andy and Dean’s company at HQ for the first part of the week. They spent a couple of days working on our Office Manual templates in the calm that has followed the SQM audit storm.

Their aim was twofold; to update procedures to meet Lexcel V.5 and to try and incorporate as many new SRA requirements as possible. By mid afternoon yesterday this was largely complete although a further date in August is planned – we will have to buy industrial catering quantities of milk again.

The motivation behind this is fairly straightforward –

For those with Lexcel your next reassessment will be against V.5, you therefore need to consider an “upgrade”.

Everyone needs to give some serious thought to SRA compliance – our early experience suggests that this might be quite demanding.

A conversion from SQM to Lexcel makes plain business sense – the former may well be on its way out in any event

Responding to these client concerns will pretty much frame our Autumn field work. If you share any of them give us a ring.

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