You Know it Makes Sense

We have had one direct and another indirect notification of firms failing to submit Civil PQQs today. The experience of similar firms, to date, has not been good – they were essentially told “tough”. I imagine views will vary between “fair enough” and “well it was very poorly communicated”, perhaps with more sharing the former than the latter.

I remain unclear why there is the need for such a convoluted process given this is a non-competitive round. Likewise how would allowing a tiny number of firms to make out-of-time bids, prior to the ITT, possibly prejudice other firms?

Go on LSC.

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2 comments on “You Know it Makes Sense

  • They may well do, given the “rumour” that they were surprised at the number of firms who decided to give it a miss.

  • Just written a “I appreciate that this may not be positive advice…” letter to one of the firms involved. Don’t anticipate a change of (cold, cold) heart

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