And sometimes a fee earner is just so, so wrong that for the tiniest fraction of a second you have a fleeting sense of empathy with the LSC assessor in Sector 7.

“Zero Tolerance” Watch 

We have been using this term to describe the Commission’s current attitude, especially on means assessments conducted by firms (LH and CDS 1&2). If you are not familiar with it Civil Contract Part E 12.2.4 it allows you to ring the Benefits Authorities to confirm that the client is on a passport benefit. You are […]

Verging on Hysteria 

The “self-verification” work we are currently engaged in at JRS HQ is of biblical proportions. (“Self-verification” has become short hand amongst our retained clients for “send those off to JRS to sort”) It is a complete and utter nightmare – applying 2012 “zero tolerance” interpretations to 5 year old files – especially when you are […]