Angry of Teesside

I have just read an audit report, and set of Contract Notices, which has made my blood boil. I know that it has had the same effect upon another of our Legal Aid Board refugees. The LSC’s action is essentially contractual blackmail in which an appeal is futile – if and when we get to the CRB they have an in-built majority in any event. The likely timescale involved in this process makes it inconceivable.

At the same time we have heard about an actual PQQ rejection – regarding a wrongly answered question, to which the LSC already know the answer. No right of appeal. I am cross because we’d have checked it for a nominal fee, however this is a non-competitive bid round where seeking clarification or allowing a retrospective amendment would not prejudice another bidder. The fact that the ITT is yet to take place makes this all the more infuriating.

There are another couple of cases which have also tested by powers of self control this week. Thank crunchy it is Friday.

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