I have been waiting for ages for some decent You Tube footage of State of the Union and here finally is some. This has been constantly on our CD players since we picked it up after a Boo Hewerdine, one half of the band, event. Do buy a copy you will love it too.

See Y’All 

I am just going through recent CD purchases to ensure they are on the iPod for our trip to the States. This long planned, though now badly timed, visit will keep me away from here for the next fortnight – I try not to do irritating holiday posts whilst you are all still slaving. (If […]

DS Wars 

This bulletin raises the stakes on the issue of “consultancy” arrangements between firm’s and Duty Solicitors over which there has been something of a Mexican stand-off of late. (We have had a couple of skirmishes so far but they look like being “handbags at 12 paces” by comparison to whats around the corner). Their missive […]

On Human Error 

At a recent audit our client firm asked their Contract Manager what degree of error was acceptable. They were told, fairly bluntly as I understand it, 100% compliance was required. That would be an acceptable error threshold of 0%. Last week we, of course, had one of these; NOTICE TO CORRECT AN ERROR IN THE […]

Demob Happy 

I am beginning to get into pre-holiday wind down mode. In work terms this means briefing the team about anything which might go BANG during my vacation (see I am getting the hang of the native lingo). If you have anything which you think might do the same and want to give us some advanced […]

ITT News 

My first ITT check unearthed a problem we have encountered previously and which has even lead to failure in the past. It involves the uploading of an unreadable Tender Information Form (TIF). (I think this is down to the “save” macros in the form however that is by-the-by). You need to make sure that the […]

Met Office Red Alert 

Weather is severely disrupting our core, main office services today. Jayne cannot make it into the office due to flooded roads. Helen and the others cannot now get out of the office due to flooded roads, I am at home to do more ITT completions, in the quiet, so not available on the phone that […]

Webinar News 

We will be repeating the “Virtual Tour of the E-Portal” Webinar on Friday if you could not make it last week. Spaces available.

Portal Update 

I am only around for 3 of the 5 weeks of this Procurement window. Consequently we are going through the appointments at an almost indecent pace. Blogging is not going to be a priority I am afraid unless we have another important development like last Friday’s. I am also difficult to contact being locked in […]

Pump Up The Volume 

At our kids Silver Wedding bash tonight and hope to get away without having to DJ. As this was number 1 at the time I am sure that it will get played, I am taking a copy in any event. Can you believe this was 25 years ago?