Pump Up The Volume 

At our kids Silver Wedding bash tonight and hope to get away without having to DJ. As this was number 1 at the time I am sure that it will get played, I am taking a copy in any event. Can you believe this was 25 years ago?

Selection Criteria A2 

Following on from this discussion this has been changed to read A.2. “By the Contract Start Date will the Applicant Organisation employ at least one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Supervisor who meets the Family Supervisor Standard and will actively supervise the Family Services tendered for?” We are sure that it was not just our clients […]

E-Portal Webinar 

Do you want, or more likely fee you need a virtual tour of the E-Portal. There are still places at this lunchtimes and next weeks webinar session. It is an “all you need to know” type session.