DS Wars 

This bulletin raises the stakes on the issue of “consultancy” arrangements between firm’s and Duty Solicitors over which there has been something of a Mexican stand-off of late. (We have had a couple of skirmishes so far but they look like being “handbags at 12 paces” by comparison to whats around the corner). Their missive […]

On Human Error 

At a recent audit our client firm asked their Contract Manager what degree of error was acceptable. They were told, fairly bluntly as I understand it, 100% compliance was required. That would be an acceptable error threshold of 0%. Last week we, of course, had one of these; NOTICE TO CORRECT AN ERROR IN THE […]

Demob Happy 

I am beginning to get into pre-holiday wind down mode. In work terms this means briefing the team about anything which might go BANG during my vacation (see I am getting the hang of the native lingo). If you have anything which you think might do the same and want to give us some advanced […]