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My first ITT check unearthed a problem we have encountered previously and which has even lead to failure in the past. It involves the uploading of an unreadable Tender Information Form (TIF). (I think this is down to the “save” macros in the form however that is by-the-by).

You need to make sure that the file you upload is visibly an Excel file with the standard green Excel logo. If it says “TIF” or something else it is probably not a readable Excel file.

To be doubly sure check it. Here is how.

Simply click the “Download Attachment” button below the upload box and then opt to “Open” it using Excel. Enable the macros and just check that the bid details are as you want them. I then exit the downloaded copy without saving.

In the alternative use our checking service.

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  • I have downloaded the tender form and rom what i can access it only has two questions , office and lots(bids)
    is this correct?
    Mark Mosley

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