Auto Out of Office Message 

Doing an in house training day so nothing to see here until tomorrow.

Sign of the Times 

Occasionally I have a reflect upon what has changed in the world of JRS. Once in a while someone else in the team comes up with an interesting observation which likewise nails an alteration to our working practices. Rarely do friends and family comment because Legal Aid consultancy is not that interesting. (Although I often […]

We are Back 

Welcome to a new week. I had a dog illness inspired hiatus yesterday and we have had some technical issues regarding the site today. Anyhow we are back to “normal”.

Spin That Girl Around 

I am really looking forward to seeing Euros Childs tomorrow night at the Westgarth SC in Middlesbrough (that’ll be 2 Saturdays in a row). This is his second turn as Friday Song having previously provided “Thats Better”

CLSA Conference 

I will be making one of my increasingly rare public appearances at the CLSA Conference on 16th November – the rest of the programme looks quite interesting even if I am not the draw I used to be. Look here is a booking form.

In Praise of Common Sense 

One of our Costs Drafting clients sought our advice recently having been denied a Prior Authority for a Paternity Test disbursement. 50% was allowed and, despite a Court Direction to the contrary, the LSC said the fee should be shared with the respondent. They had twice failed to change the LSC’s mind on the point. […]

Price Drop TV Again? 

Clients have been reporting rumours about CDS Best Value Tendering (BVT) for a while now. Most of these have been initiated by Contract Managers, one was blunt enough to tell a client that his firm would not exist in 3 years time. It is hard to tell if this is a deliberate “softening up” exercise […]

ePortal Closedown 

Interesting start to the day with our first tender for an international job proving successful – now the scrapping for who goes out begins! (Only joking it will be the Lexcel Twins). Back in Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough we have put away all the Bid Round related paraphernalia and are back to the humdrum existence of […]

Webinar Returns 

After a couple of weeks absence – holiday and Bid Round the Friday lunchtime session returns with; Dealing with Self Verification Requests Most firms will have experienced a Contract Manager visit and its most likely outcome; a forcefully made request that you “self verify” an, often, large number of completed files. This course aims to […]

The Final Countdown 

Yes it has arrived, final morning of the Bid Round. You have about 2 and half hours to go should this have passed you by to date. If you have submitted your bid the large number of e-mails you will have received over night from Bravo Solutions can safely be ignored.