Pre Xmas Webinars 

We are not running one this week as I am in London ahead of the CLSA conference, here however are the remaining 3 of the year. Especially join us on the 14th December for you chance to win a prize. 30th November Preparing for 2013 Civil Contracts Have your Civil teams begun to make such […]

Drone in Sector 3 

There is a scene in an early Simpsons episode where Monty Burns turns to Smithers, points at Homer on a CCTV screen and says – “Smithers, who is that drone in Sector 3?” Over the years we have quoted this when we witness a particularly jobsworth response from someone at the LSC. Today we have […]


Right we have a Self Verification exercise to complete which has suddenly acquired a very pressing deadline so there will not be much happening here today. For those asking about my health I still have the Man Flu.