After 2 days absence from this place, day off Friday and a head-down appeal deadline Monday, I am back. I will save the planned Friday song for this week.

There have been a number of “News” items in the interim so this is designed to keep you up to speed

Collaboration on Civil Bill rejections and New “Checklists” where this does not work.

This was an issue back in olden times (pre-contract voluntary Franchising) which has never gone away and is NOT helped by the current “Hard” rejection policy. Anyone though it might involve, at least in part, some more fundamental, underlying problems – like the construction of the forms?

Mental health “mission creep”

If there is a genuine problem in the quality of tribunal advocacy then this might make sense – I was unable to confirm this with either of the Tribunal Chairmen amongst our clients. Start accreditation preparation immediately.

A new appeals “process” on LF2s

This is not a new process just a decision to formalise what they do already – not provide reasonable reasons for refusals as required by CRIMLA 12. I cannot see why firms will not make a formal request for written reasons on every occasion now.

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