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Santander has stated that firms wishing to remain on their Conveyancing Panel need to achieve the CQS by 31/3/13. Others have or will follow suit. For the avoidance of doubt Dean ran a check on the following question this morning;

10. What is the difference between Lexcel accreditation and the CQS?

The CQS is based on two main elements: ‘quality’ and ‘probity’.

The Core Practice Management Standards in the Scheme, which are akin to Lexcel, are integral to establishing the quality of the Practice and how it is run and managed. In addition the CQS explores the probity of the practice and the individuals in some detail.

The ‘probity’ element of the CQS is vitally important and is where the Scheme is fundamentally different to Lexcel.

Lexcel is and will remain a recognisable symbol of quality within law practices. For this reason if your practice is already Lexcel accredited, then you will passport through the section of the application form which refers to Core Practice Management Standards and only be asked to complete more general information about the practice and the individuals that operate within it.

Do note the headline and give us a ring if we can help.

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