On a Theme 

Today’s theme seems to be firms in “trouble” with the LSC for acting on the basis of their written advice. Latest example goes as follows; Firm – “Can we do that?” LSC – “Yes” LSC (different person, much later) – “er no you can’t, here have a Contract Notice”

This Fridays Webinar 

Evidence of Means Proof of Means to file, or rather lack of it, is the number 1 reason for LSC audit failure. Whilst we have covered it frequently we have, to date, never run a course dedicated to this subject alone. Our aim therefore is to provide a comprehensive exposition of the rules and guidance […]

Living WIth Rejection 

Hands up our client claimed the wrong Care graduated fee. The LSC, quite correctly, rejected this advising they should claim a fee for “2 or more Joined Parties” (for non Care lawyers this does not exist) and suggesting an actual fee from a non-applicable schedule. They did so and the LSC, quite rightly, rejected this […]