Same Old Same Old 

Chris Grayling is continuing with his recent theme of bashing defence costs in the Criminal Justice system. We have had the traditional Fat Cat Lawyers attack and before that “taxpayers money wasted” on undeserving defendants in high cost cases. Now it is the turn of the “unnecessary use of a QC”. Can I be bothered….. […]

JRS HQ Live 

The live issue of the week so far, if you exempt Helen being tweeted direct by a member of Take That, is the verification of 2013 Contracts. I have expressed our frustration with the unnecessary fussiness of this previously obviously to no avail. This continues to be a feature with firms now reduced to providing […]

Webinar Hibernation 

We have been slow restarting the webinar programme this New Year for a couple of reasons. We are dead busy in the office We await final rather than draft 2013 Contract documentation We have been a little harassed by the weather We intend to start again on Friday 1st Feb with 3 sessions in the […]