BBC 6 Music have picked 100 tracks released in their 10 year lifespan. Listeners have had the chance to vote for their favourites and the countdown is running today. My top 5 are as follows you can make your won choice on the link above (though voting has closed). I have to say that none […]

Book Early 

Moments after the ink was dry on my Webinar notes for today (we PDF saved and emailed to delegates) the LSC once again made me a liar by announcing these training events. Now obviously a full day from the LSC is preferable to a one-hour webinar from me so…. I do notice that there is […]

Today In Bullets 

Excellent appeal news – not one of ours, but I did contribute, and it will help with an ongoing case. Stupidity (mine) – went to wrong garage to pick up Dean, not been an Audi dealer there for years apparently. Gross stupidity LSC – inexcusable, more to follow in weeks to come Donuts Dog invades […]