Game of Crowns 

I am working through the first of 2 “reviews of payments made under the LGFS” which have been pushed in our direction in the last 2 weeks. This looks like a national initiative so watch this space. The sampling mechanism is relatively simple, multiple fees with similar characteristics. Essentially any multiple offending client (golden returner) […]

Don’t Mix and Match 

Here are the new Legal Aid Forms in their new LAA format. Civil Crime They are mandatory from April 1st with the following consequences if improperly used: Consequences of using the wrong paper forms You should use the old forms up to 1 April and the new forms on and after 1 April. The date […]

Suggested Text 

I have just written this for a client. Once again they have had an enhanced CDS 7, Non Standard Fee claim, reduced without a single word of explanation. This may well have happened to you her is a response; The assessment of this CDS 7 has not been conducted in line with the requirements of […]