Blanket Policy? 

I upset someone at the LSC recently for publicly suggesting they were operating a blanket policy. (Actually I did no such thing but that’s what happens when you rely upon heresy, and worse still give a damn about what I say in public). Now I am not alleging a blanket policy here. Back in September […]

Look After the Pennies 

Twice this week clients have used an almost identical version of “Is it just me or are the LSC trying to claw back every single penny they can?” Andy has just said the near same thing. Yesterdays conversation involved a cost neutral VAT matter – “if, acting on your advice*, we have wrongly claimed VAT […]

And Im Not Even Joking 

Have you had problems, on billing, with regard to disbursements? We thought so. We have too, and plenty of them. This, from the LSC, goes some way to help, no really it does. It has also received a grunt of appreciation from the Costs Drafting team at HQ. It is only 3 pages long, covers […]


A little while ago I tweeted “Tomorrows webinar course notes amended. N.B. this is an invite to the LSC to change same minor point in the Contract before Friday” Within 15 minutes this happened These are amendments to the 2010 Contract – essentially for Mental Health and Community Care providers. The same is the case […]