Game of Crowns

I am working through the first of 2 “reviews of payments made under the LGFS” which have been pushed in our direction in the last 2 weeks. This looks like a national initiative so watch this space.

The sampling mechanism is relatively simple, multiple fees with similar characteristics. Essentially any multiple offending client (golden returner) in the Crown Court. All in this sample have the identical “Analysts Comments”

“Court records show that these (2/3/4 delete as appropriate) matters were heard together at the (insert town) Crown Court and therefore only one fee should have been claimed – your claims will be adjusted accordingly”

Has the analyst read Griffith (which is the most relevant case here)?

“It seems to me that the actions or processes here were different. Again, the cases commenced separately, were committed for sentence separately and were given separate case numbers in the Crown Court. There was not only one action or process. There was not only one proceedings. There were two proceedings against one person but which were dealt with on the same occasion. That there was only one hearing is not, to my mind, relevant. The fee is payable “per proceedings” not per hearing”.

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