We have previously used TLS’ Richard Miller’s clever argument that Government does not pay for its external legal advice on the cheap. We use this, for instance, when Chris Grayling is calling for QCs to be used less frequently in the Criminal Justice system. A “We wont if you wont” response follows. The more serious argument here being “equality of arms”.

It would seem that the CPS however now have a novel approach, though it is perhaps not “joined up” with the MoJs thinking just yet. Is it to be called “Insourcing”? It is an obvious response to tightening budgets however one which was not trailed at last years CLSA conference where their CEO was Keynote speaker.

That the story was originally reported in the Times has at least meant that, so far, we have avoided the “system biased against the victim” angle one might have expected. We can only see if the tabloids pick the story up an run with it.



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