Little Talks 

We have just booked back-to-back nights at the Somerset House Summer Series. We were going to make it 3 and see Of Monsters and Men, but it is sold out. On that basis here is something by them:


We were very pleased to see a positive outcome to this case. As ever what is demoralising is that it needed to go this far before “common sense”, as Rifat Mushtaq puts it, finally prevailed. It was obvious to the LSC, from the start, that something was not four square with this bid; furthermore they […]

Red Letter Day 

“The LSC would like to apologise” Yes you read that correctly “The LSC would like to apologise” It is to do with the (non) conduct of the UPOA Here is the key section The LSC will consider representations from solicitors who consider that they were caused an injustice as a result of the delay between […]