Names to Voices

Everyone who has rung the office will know Jayne, out “Office Manager” – for want of a better title. In her absence the phone gets picked up by Helen and then most likely Graham, Costs Drafting, and then me (I am a grumpy old man who does not like talking to people). In recent times you might also have spoken to Chris who has been with us, doing some work experience and latterly learning the ropes on the Costs Drafting front. As of today he officially has his own desk and is with us as a full-time trainee – at least until someone offers him articles, as I still quality refer to them. Everybody say “Hello Chris”.

Kay, also known to our Costs Drafting clients, is also going to be spending more time in HQ from here on, so there is a 6th possible voice for you to learn. (There is resistance to website photos of “our team”, but we are working on that).

Do give us a ring.

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