Spring Webinars

Friday 8th March Costs Appeal Updater

The National Audit Office inspired, retrospective trawl through firm’s claims shows no sign of abating. In fact, with public purse strings tightening, the LSC seem keen to find new angles from which to attack firm’s costs. In recent weeks this has involved Crown Court fees, disbursements, sufficient benefit test, CDS 7 enhancements in addition to the standard Level 2 Family reductions.

This session attempts to bring you up to date with all our current cost appeal experience, across the full range of CDS & CLS claims

Friday 15th & 22nd March 2013 Contract “Last Orders”

At time of writing further final contract related documentation has just appeared at the Legal Aid section of the MoJ website (Confirming Help with Mediation fees). This course, to be run 2 weeks in a row, is designed to confirm all key elements of the new Contract from final published guidance, and not just draft sources. It is a session which will be of value to both first time delegates or those who did last months course on the same subject.

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