Quiz 2 

I am trying to find the full decision of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman in this story, for a client considering their position. In the process I came across last years complaint stats. Now without peeking have a guess what percentage of Complaints about the LSC were: a) Fully Upheld b) Partly Upheld c) […]


There was not an Easter Friday Song as I was in Spain with patchy wifi. So along comes this beautiful, and appropriately titled, new single by one of our favourites The Lake Poets. No video but you can listen here

Quiz Time 

Suppose you are asked to adjudicate on a decision made by a colleague – perhaps like investigating a client complaint. Suppose you look at it and think “oh dear we have really cocked this one up haven’t we”. Which option do you take? a) Tough it out b) Make full and frank admissions and offer […]

Post LASPO World 

Well my first morning in the post LASPO world has largely involved the detritus of the previous era, and will continue to do so for some time. Primarily this involves a slack handful of procurement and audit decisions. We have a number of existential cases right now. In the midst of these conversations and e-mails […]