From Relegation to Europe

I have blogged, tweeted and Shouted © (JRS for “training’) on the subject of rejected Civil Bills. Not least as this now is a KPI (key performance indicator) under the 2013 Contract.

Most of this flowed from the 6-month experience of helping a client firm to move out of the relegation zone – amongst the highest levels of reject in the UK and drawing the attention of LSC Head Office.

Today we hear that they have not only moved up the table and into a Champions League slot – that’s right they are now amongst the best in the UK.

The moral of the story? When a willing firm, with a bit of our assistance, work in partnership with a sensible Contract Manager, mutually beneficial results follow.

For QPR fans it is just a shame that they chose Redknapp rather than JRS earlier in the year.

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2 comments on “From Relegation to Europe

  • At the end of the day, it’s a funny old game, all credit to the lads for achieving a result against the LSC, looks like the lads did well, however, did you go over the top or bite the contract manager?

  • Can’t wait for the Leeds game next season…

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