From 9am this morning there was a planned attempt and make #saveukjustice the No. 1 “trending” (most talked about) issue on Twitter. This was part of the growing, organic resistance to the Coalitions proposals for Crime PCT. (Please don’t forget that Civil areas are in for a further battering too, especially another 10% cut in Childcare fees).

So for an hour I put aside my well-studied cynicism, “stupid solicitors think they can recreate the Arab spring”, and joined in. It worked, we got to the top of the chart and stayed there for most of the planned 60 mins. It was positive to be part of some sort of protest and also great fun.

I have no illusions about the potential impact of this event but am now convinced that it was so much more than a slightly childish act of defiance. We need to communicate beyond our usual circles and engage in a wider debate with new audiences, social media allows this.

How many of you have smart phones but don’t do twitter? Lots. Sign up its easy.

Not sure how? Ring us and we will help you.

Next time we should divide up the working day between the 42 Procurement Areas and keep it trending all day.

As it is it remains high in the list mid afternoon and ahead of “David Cameron” lets hope that this helps cement the message that a PM is for now justice is for ever.

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