Consultation Responses 

You still have a fortnight to put in your representations regarding the “Transformation of Legal Aid”. I have already done some editing of responses. However, as trailed live on national radio (“The Chain” on 6 Music’s RadMac show) we have also been working on a “skeleton” version at the request of, and for distribution to, […]

Industrial Relations 

“Industry” can be defined as: Large-scale production Widespread activity Hard work A suggested synonym of “Diligence” is also provided. Surely this is something we can all be in favour of. Well you’d have thought so, but over the years a pejorative use of the word has developed. You are most likely to have come across […]

Signal 30 

I am juggling 3 new CDs, Noah and The Whale, Public Service Broadcasting and (oddly for me) Vampire Weekend. Which to choose from? Well I missed PSB last Saturday so I think it is going to be them, truly original and brilliant, plus nice guitar!