Avoiding an Avalanche

Fortunately the anticipated avalanche of Immigration files did not transpire. Good job really because a range of unusual client enquiries showed up as an alternative Twitter distraction.

First up was an Exceptional Case Funding enquiry – our first. As ever considering rules in a live case context is the best way to build a new understanding. On the face of it our clients have a solid application though the work involved (for both them and the LAA) to grant Legal Help is totally disproportionate.

So a bit of re-reading, and a longish phone conversation later I feel much better armed regarding ECF applications.

Next up is a novation matter involving quite a bit of research to come up with a fairly short letter. Contract -v- the LSCs self-penned “definitive” interpretation of it, essentially. Watch this space.

Oh and then guess what a second ECF question.

Immigration tomorrow – probably

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