Essential #saveukjustice Reading: I

The “No to PCT” or #saveukjustice campaign has been the first heavily to feature social media, especially the Twitter. With this comes a blizzard of thoughts, insights, new perspectives and humour. With hindsight, from day 1, I should have done a regular round up of articles and websites worth linking. Trying to do it now, on catch up, is difficult. Below are three contributions I can both remember and trace fairly quickly. There are however loads more I cant now find. I will try and do a similar post every couple of days from now on and if there is something you think worthy of inclusion, including your own work, don’t be shy just let me know.

First up is an interesting take on the issues from the perspective of the partner of a working Criminal defence advocate.

Lawtons are a CDS firm in Bedfordshire who have done some sterling work pulling apart the statistical “basis” of the proposals and latterly comparing PCT with Cameron’s flagship “Big Society” policy.

Throughout this the Criminal Bar Association has been at the forefront, so much so that Grayling is now too scared to meet its Chair Michael Turner QC. This, from them, this morning.

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