The “Fat Cats” who get the Cream

Yesterday we did a comparison of “fat cat legal aid lawyers” to other jobs.

I am not trying to pass this off as academic research, it is nothing more than a quick, crude comparison of salaries, taken from the internet. Essentially it demonstrates that the top end of the Duty Solicitor salary range is roughly equivalent to a well-qualified teacher (there is one Head in the list and a Museum Manager etc but this is not intended to be anything but indicative).

Quite rightly nobody bangs on about “fat cat teachers” – or Museum Managers for that matter.

As you can see I am very keen not to misrepresent this exercise or the “statistics” involved, I do not want a letter from the Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority.

That aside another thought occurred to me and the following calculations are equally as “back of a fag packet” as those above.

The Public Defenders Service (PDS) was established as a state funded benchmarking tool some years ago. In addition, it is now, laughably, being referred to as potential protection against PCT market failure.

Consequently, and as you will know, they are to be protected in the PCT proposals. So in their 4 remaining offices will be passported, competition free, to a Contract, at the expense of an existing “fat cat” firm.

So, to the chase, as yesterdays research project comprehensively proves, the best a Duty Solicitor can expect is around £40k

Going from the LSC Annual report 2011-12 anyone like to guess what the AVERAGE salary* at the PDS is?

It is £41K

We hate “fat cat lawyers” but the PDS are our “fat cat lawyers”.

*Annual Staff costs, (minus “social security” but including pension costs), divided by 42 permanent staff (this includes 4 DSCC staff it is not possible to strip out of the equation). The PDS have not produced a separate Annual Report since 2006.

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