Abandon Hope 

During our various training events before, and with regard to, LASPO we obviously discussed the transitional arrangements. You might well remember, applications signed before 31st May and received before 8th April would be treated as Access to Justice matters. On just about every occasion someone made the observation that the LSC would wait until April […]

An Exceptional Appeal 

More and more Family lawyers are encountering clients in desperate situations which now fall outside scope of Legal Aid. Sadly our prediction regarding the evidential threshold for Domestic Violence appears to be coming true. The only way around this is to apply for Exceptional Case Funding and we are increasingly advising clients to make such […]

Fat Cat Senior Secretary? 

It transpires that Chris Grayling employs his wife, on a salary of £37.5K in her role as his “Senior Secretary” This is intriguing as it is exactly the same as the proposed disposable income cap for Criminal Legal Aid means testing- perhaps this is even where that figure came from. Perhaps more interestingly it would […]