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I am having a short break from about lunchtime today – this time for foreign travel.

I try and encourage the others to blog, but they are either too busy or not that bothered, or both. I also appreciate how annoying holiday snaps etc. are when you are trapped at work. So it might be quiet around here for a bit.

I do however have a series of predictions, which I will evaluate on my return.

The e-petition, which will force a full Parliamentary debate over the “Transforming Legal Aid” proposals, reaches its 100,000 signature target. (This is a given).

Today’s backbench debate in Parliament will lead Chris Grayling to “what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity”, and he will stop the “Transformation”. (Less sure on this one) .

Our two big client-related issues of the week will be resolved, in their favour. (Dreaming)

The latest almost unbelievable tale of woe, received whilst typing this, will turn out to have been a dream.

See you in a week’s time.

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