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If my last day and a half has in anyway been representative I can only surmise that when transforming into the LAA they got an IT upgrade – to a computer which always “says NO”.

Simon, you might say, that is how it has been for a long time now, which is undoubtedly true. What is different now is that there never seems to be any consideration of the Contractual position and decisions no longer come with a reasonable final sentence beginning – “If you disagree with this….”.

They often now involve boldly asserted “makeitupaswegoalongery” backed up with “this carries no right of appeal”.

Here is a sample of issues to which this phenomenon has been related this week.

Devolved powers grants, ICA determinations, novation of contract, payment of HCCP fees, evidence of means, operation of show cause procedures, CDS 7 enhancement and contract reconciliation.

I have commented previously on the LAA’s “Supporting Values & Culture” or more importantly the disconnect between these and day-to-day operations. I have to fight a constant urge to ask:

“Please confirm which, if any, of LAA’s 4 central values this determination demonstrates?”

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