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We have been banging the drum about ECF recently and seem not to be alone. Previously we linked to a Public Law Project article on the issue and now Pink Tape (@Familoo if you do Twitter) has joined in looking at the underlying statistics following and FoI request. Go read the whole, excellent, article.

If you don’t have time here is the killer, final number. 2.35%. That’s it, only 2.35% of ECF applications were successful.

As we have said before not much of a safety net. Indeed it could reasonably be described as a “sham” safety net.

The LAA’s use of the phrase “appeal” is also (deliberately) misleading. The determination referred to here was subsequent to an “internal review” of the original refusal by another LAA caseworker. There is nothing in the least independent about this process, this is not an “appeal” in any meaningful sense of the word. Indeed, ECF Provider Pack S.8

“There is no right of appeal or any further review process. Only one application for review may be submitted”. (emphasis added)

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