If I am boring you with this topic imagine what it is like for us at JRS. We are getting it from all sides; directly on bills we have drafted (fortunately only a small but infuriating minority), down the Free Advice lines, via the fieldwork team helping firms establish risk management procedures and it requiring me to be continually rewriting the training course.

No surprise then that we have just held a meeting of the Northern Costs Drafting team to share thoughts and establish an “Active Reject Management Process” – the project name being an attempt to make it sound more grandiose than it is, which is just us sharpening what we do already.

Obviously this will result in more, largely unnecessary, admin however we all agree that there is no practical alternative.

By way of an aside a LAA tutor recently, and dangerously to our minds, suggested they have reliable information about CD firms reject performance which they are willing to share. Another motivating factor then!

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