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After a long summer, and PCT Consultation, engendered lay off the Friday webinar returns

20th September 2013

Avoiding Civil Bill Rejects

We return with a topic causing pain to many of you, the aggressive monitoring of your “rejected” Civil claims. With threatening letters flying and Contract Managers stalking their providers offices – this looks like being the hot topic of the early Autumn.

We are uniquely placed to provide practical guidance, undertaking as we do both contract compliance work and civil costs drafting. If you have been warned about your performance, probably with threats of Contract Notices or even Sanctions, this course should help you turn this around. If not it should help you keep it that way.

27th September 2013

The New Criminal Bills Assessment Manual

The transition to the post LASPO world of Legal Aid has involved a significant amount of re-branding with the new LAA logo. When it comes to the Criminal Bills Assessment Manual, or CBAM to regular users of this essential guidance document, this involved more than a cosmetic change.

The document has been significantly edited, reduced in size and contains some important changes. Not had the chance to read it? If so this is the course for you, an essential guide for all those involved in Criminal billing.

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