Apparently Grayling said sorry “I think I should start by saying to criminal legal aid lawyers: I’m sorry, I never wanted to have to cut like this.” I don’t believe him. A reluctant “cutter” does not slander his victims as “fat cat” lawyers and spin a web of misinformation and deliberate distortion. Such a minister […]

October Webinars 

The annual chase for last minute CPD points always makes October a busy month. We have decided to run 3 sessions this year, this Friday proving impossible. If you have not done one of our Webinars before and need a point or 2 why not try it out? There is a CPD point for everybody […]

4 Lonely Roads 

I appreciate I have hammered songs from the Manic’s “Rewind the Film” on the Friday Song slot over the last couple of months. That said I simply couldn’t resist this. It is way better than the album version and, yet again, supports my view that more-often-than-not the purest delivery of a song, is the best.

The Cycle of Life 

Earlier in the week we saw a letter from the LAA expressing their “disappointment” that the ICA was “clearly incorrect”. We were, momentarily, inclined to reply but thought better of it. In line with yesterdays post they have considered and declined the opportunity to test this assertion by way of PoP. More commonly we see […]

CBAM 6.6.6 – the Amendment of the Beast? 

From memory, the 2004 Criminal Contract removed the automatic right to a Magistrates Court standard fee for a breach matter. This was codified in General Criminal Contract Part B 5.8.8 (release 00). The exact same wording can now be found at SCC Specification 10.69. So in its 9-year lifetime this provision has not been subject […]

Right for Once 

Since the introduction of Police Station standard fee I have only had a single opportunity to discuss working interpretations with an LSC/LAA representative. It was a perfectly reasonable chat and the areas of contention were more reflective of gaps in the, then, Commissions thinking rather than a lack of knowledge on his part. Two related […]

Brick Wall 

I am reading another negative LAA determination – this time regarding costs. We have provided chapter and verse, all fully referenced, and in some detail. They have rejected this in a single, short paragraph which refuses to engage with our arguments and quotes back some entirely irrelevant sections of guidance. This leaves the firm with […]

Stand Easy 

You might well have received an e-mail from Bravo Solutions telling you that there is a message for you on their message board. This message is to tell you that the message board for the last 2013 ITT is now about to close. No more, no less. There are no pending deadlines or any action […]

CBAM on the Webinar 

We restarted the webinar after quite a long lay off on Friday to considerable interest and participation. We continue this week this time dealing with; The New Criminal Bills Assessment Manual (CBAM) This is pretty important stuff for all those involved in Criminal billing so if you have never considered this guidance document before, or […]


Not going to do a blow-by-blow review of Festival No. 6, all the main attractions, I am Kloot, Chic, Johnny Clarke & the Manics delivered – some in trying circumstances on the final day. We enjoyed the event but it confirmed that we are live music fans rather than festivalgoers. We were greatly looking forward […]