October Webinars

The annual chase for last minute CPD points always makes October a busy month. We have decided to run 3 sessions this year, this Friday proving impossible. If you have not done one of our Webinars before and need a point or 2 why not try it out?

There is a CPD point for everybody who gathers round the screen, so if you get the full team there it becomes very cost effective.

You do not have to travel or park, just make a phone call at 12:55 and put aside an hour, get a sandwich then sit back and listen. You might not even have to move from your desk.

At 2pm you can get straight back to the coalface.

The 3 proposed sessions are

11th October SQM or Lexcel – Time to decide

All practitioners, especially in Crime, have a choice to make. The session will cover issues such as, how long is SQM for this world, which is better for us and how can we use these schemes to manage SRA compliance? This session will answer these and all your other questions and get you on an early road to a successful audit.

18th October – Assessing Financial Eligibility

The most common reason for audit failure, and nil assessments, involves errors in the conduct of the means test on Legal Help and Freestanding Advice and Assistance matters. Be that the calculation itself or the supporting evidence of means more money gets recouped here than for any single other reason. Essential for anyone completing CW1 and CRM1&2 forms.

25th October – Magistrates Court Standard Fees

Whilst we still have them it is worth being sure we are claiming the maximum available. The session will cover all the key areas including those which prove contentious on audit. We will also look in detail at making enhancement claims on you Non-Standard fees. If you are involved in the billing process this is for you.

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