Rage Against The Machine 

The anecdotes we share here, as you are no doubt aware, only represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Under the surface are loads of live cases we do not mention, for confidentiality reasons or for fear of prejudicing an on-going matter. Even when some of these are resolved we remain silent or only comment […]

Help the Aged 

We are having a long overdue destruction of archive paper files today, not least because we can exploit some child labour. Some of these go back even further than the LAA do on contract compliance audits. The memories stirred are not necessarily happy ones, especially from the period of the Contract Compliance Audit Wars – […]

Question and Sanction Time 

I am not someone who stands on ceremony about, grammar, spelling and poor proof reading. Our frailties in this regard make that impossible. If you have one of our mouse mats you will, for instance, have the wrong fax number. This attitude however dramatically hardens in the context of the current Civil Bills Rejection Wars. […]

November Webinars 

I am not doing Movember – I am doing 4 webinars instead. 1st November Completing a CIV CLAIM 1A We have had a number of requests for training on the completion of Claim 1A form – this is the result. Rather it is the short version of the course for those with a passing understanding […]

Deadlines Approaching 

With the deadline for responses to the latest MoJ consultation on Legal Aid approaching, this Friday 1st November, the most imminent flash point is with regards to VHCCs. As well as representing the first direct action battle with the Government it also demonstrates the differing positions of the various representative bodies as this story demonstrates […]

Yellow Flower 

Love this song and this is another low key, non album version which I think I prefer. As I’ve said before the current album Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon is a real return to form, however one of my lovely family has lost my copy of it. If anyone can help me out with what it reminds […]

Dustbin of History 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” Are we on the verge of a repeat of the “LSC Offline” fiasco we experienced in 2007? For younger readers back then the planned online billing system went moobs up, and had to be re-implemented, a year later. The “roll out” of civil online […]

Shameless Self Promotion 

I have finally found five minutes to show you our latest Costs Drafting advertising flyer. (Click to enlarge) The aim is to tighten our quality control even tighter and drive out “rejections”. Hand on heart we are not sure that this is entirely possible given that we all occasionally make mistakes. The inventiveness of the […]

CLSA Stuff 

With 31 days to go I have just started thinking about my slot at the CLSA Conference. (Early for me I know but they want a title). I also recommend a read of this letter to Chris Grayling from their Chair, Bill Waddington.

Sound of Silence 

We have previously covered Tim’s attempts to obtain the most basic disclosure justifying the protected status granted to the PDS. Following last weeks announcement of their new Head of Advocacy, David Aubrey QC, he summarises his questions here. “People talking without speaking”