Not Fit For Purpose 

Judge orders joint expert report and specifies rates LSC reduce rate on assessment Firm appeals and ICA rejects appeal I write Point of Principle The other party to proceedings is also reduced on LAA assessment Our firm share their appeal representations Their ICA appeal is successful, on almost identical representations, and they are paid in […]

Insult to Injury 

You have expended years of hard work building your business. Your business is a criminal defence law firm; at once the most regulatory demanding in legal practice and the one which attracts the lowest rates of remuneration. Despite this you have made it a success, fully understanding the risks involved, and probably having experienced the […]

Disciplinary Matter 

As we have previously commented Civil bills are being rejected for the alleged inclusion of copied and not original FAS forms. With the move to “Civil online working” next year this will be a thing of the past. Scanned, non-original FAS forms will be acceptable, if the pilot is anything to go by. If you […]