CLSA Stuff 

With 31 days to go I have just started thinking about my slot at the CLSA Conference. (Early for me I know but they want a title). I also recommend a read of this letter to Chris Grayling from their Chair, Bill Waddington.

Sound of Silence 

We have previously covered Tim’s attempts to obtain the most basic disclosure justifying the protected status granted to the PDS. Following last weeks announcement of their new Head of Advocacy, David Aubrey QC, he summarises his questions here. “People talking without speaking”

Reject First, Think Never 

A webinar delegate tried our suggestion of stating something like this on a Civil bill: “DO NOT reject this bill please assess it as drawn we wish to appeal any proposed reductions” This related to a fixed fee disbursement which they anticipated would result in a rejection and a request for a breakdown against hourly […]