Not Fit For Purpose

Judge orders joint expert report and specifies rates

LSC reduce rate on assessment

Firm appeals and ICA rejects appeal

I write Point of Principle

The other party to proceedings is also reduced on LAA assessment

Our firm share their appeal representations

Their ICA appeal is successful, on almost identical representations, and they are paid in full

Bangs head on desk

I know there are those who think I am unfair regarding the efficacy of the ICA process…..

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2 comments on “Not Fit For Purpose

  • There is no consistency and no chance of there ever being consistency. No opportunity now as ICA’s to discuss matters with a colleague and of course no ICA decision is ever binding on anyone, so no principals are ever set. Therefore the LAA get away with almost everything. I have never as far as I know had a decision that I have made challenged by the LAA, I doubt that they have been happy with many of them!

  • Could not agree more

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