Deadlines Approaching

With the deadline for responses to the latest MoJ consultation on Legal Aid approaching, this Friday 1st November, the most imminent flash point is with regards to VHCCs. As well as representing the first direct action battle with the Government it also demonstrates the differing positions of the various representative bodies as this story demonstrates

Some, the CBA and CLSA oppose all cuts whilst TLS seem prepared to see these cut is mainstream cases are not. As the Gazette story further suggests a November reduction in fees, even on live cases, may result in the Criminal Bar downing tools. A number of VHCC panel firms have pledged to do the same. The question seems to be, will this bring major trials juddering to a halt or will there be sufficient solicitor firms, with (solicitor?) advocates of filling the void?

Will Grayling follow the example of our local fire brigade and start recruiting “auxiliary advocates”?

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