Dustbin of History

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Are we on the verge of a repeat of the “LSC Offline” fiasco we experienced in 2007? For younger readers back then the planned online billing system went moobs up, and had to be re-implemented, a year later.

The “roll out” of civil online working has just been announced and it looks like the “real sticking points” identified by pilot firms do not represent the “show-stopping problems” required to halt its progress.

Have to say I’d be inclined to listen to Elspeth Thomson, partner at David Gray, on this one, and, despite my notoriously frail memory, I can remember some of the past.

By way of consolation if it does go horribly wrong they might win the Civil Service Award for an IT project, just like they did in 2007. (And I am not even lying, however no link remains).

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