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Over the years JRS have proven to have an uncanny knack of predicting the future. This has ranged from the production of the CDS 6 wizard which was then followed some years later by the LAA bulk-load spreadsheet, to our simple predictions with regard to contracting and contract compliance.
I decided to clear out my desk this week and came across an old flyer which we produced nearly 24 months ago and which was asking the question SQM? or Lexcel?

You will see that we are to run the same named webinar course this Friday. This question is now more relevant than ever. With the forth coming criminal tender round looming in 2014, the continuous scrutiny by the SRA and the ever on-going headache of PII renewal, many firms are beginning to ask if SQM gives them the quality assurance, protection and benefits from jumping through all those hoops which they want or require.

We firmly believe that Lexcel is a much better quality assurance scheme and goes much further towards assisting firms with SRA compliance. We also believe it is much more flexible in its implementation with different types of firms or in fact legal departments.

Unfortunately Legal Aid firms are still bound by its contractual requirements such as file review, sign posting and referral, and the prescribed supervisory standards etc. However due to our many years of working closely with legal firms the lexcel systems which we have developed have encompassed these requirements perfectly.

Right back to the crystal ball for the next prediction.

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