Rage Against The Machine

The anecdotes we share here, as you are no doubt aware, only represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Under the surface are loads of live cases we do not mention, for confidentiality reasons or for fear of prejudicing an on-going matter. Even when some of these are resolved we remain silent or only comment in the vaguest possible terms, regarding the broad themes involved.

This can be very frustrating.

One such case, which is a real emergency, has arisen today. The general themes, poor, inconsistent decision making coupled with indifference, are sadly not uncommon. We could also cite a “precedent” which flies totally in its face – but cannot. It is so tempting to scream:

“Deal with this urgently, on the same basis as XXX, you will avert a disaster for those involved and protect the fund”

Sadly this is the best I can do – i.e. nothing.

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