Northern Skies 

Tonight we get to see the wonderful I Am Kloot for the third time this year (hopefully for longer than their trunkated Festival No 6 slot). Tickets are still available. You may take a different view, but I prefer this live, bare bones version to the full, Elbow produced album track with its star-studded video


We have just had the result of our only oral costs hearing since 2005. It is a thoroughly fair and very satisfying result. At the heart of our case were a set of arguments we have rerun in a number of appeals. This is the first time we have had the opportunity to discuss them […]

Fit for Purpose? 

Once again I am walled in by files including a Peer Review appeal and one of the weirdest set of instructions I’ve ever received – and about which I cannot elaborate. Equally strangely last week involved more client questions about the former than I have received in a long time, though I think I am […]


I have only just bought the album of which this is the title track. It is one of those rare records which leaves you with goose pimples. I previously had only encountered Midlake as the musicians on John Grants first solo album this too is quite stunning

A Client Writes 

You might want to blog or tweet this for your own publicity. 7th worst last year for rejections Now the best in the country The background to this involved a very rare face-to-face discussion with a Contract Manager. Equally rarely I had little or nothing to say – the firm were bang to rights, the […]

Legal Aid Exam Question 

A Devolved Power/Delegated Function is properly to be exercised, by a category supervisor, in the light of his/her then knowledge and not by a non-legally trained, non-practicing assessor unavoidably applying hindsight some years later. This is the position CLA 56 attempts to summarise. Discuss

Writers Block 

I am putting the touches to my presentation for the CLSA Conference at the weekend. I have tried to do this well in advance and in a measured manner and am unhappy with the result. These things are always best done in a hurry, last minute, it seems. I am now wondering if it is […]

Immigrant Song 

Even a long weekend results in a post-holiday pile of urgent messages these days it seems. All of which has kept me from my planned main task of the day – Saturday’s LCSA presentation. What an Icelandic tapas selection they prove to be – that seems to be their version of a smorgasbord. The phone, […]

Play Dead 

Tomorrow I am taking Mrs SP to Iceland for her birthday – the place not where Mums shop at Xmas. Unfortunately the aurora forecast is “Low”. We will have to console ourselves with lunch and the rugby in the company of Bjork. We are off for tea with John Grant and Of Monsters and Men. […]

Advanced Warning 

I had a little accident which makes it difficult to type right now. I am also away tomorrow and Monday so things might be quiet here. I you want to ask something ringing is going to be loads easier than e-mail.