A Client Writes

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7th worst last year for rejections
Now the best in the country

The background to this involved a very rare face-to-face discussion with a Contract Manager. Equally rarely I had little or nothing to say – the firm were bang to rights, the reasons for rejections were their fault, no excuses. The LAA HQ we leaning heavily on this local operative to sort it out, she was frustrated by the lack of progress.

The solution – we checked every civil bill for 6-months, liaised closely with a single member of the family team and hey presto. Last reported performance stats 0% rejects.

Worst 6 months of my life.

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  • As you were monitoring the firm closely, would be interesting to know how many false rejects (i.e. the LAA were wrong) they received, we’ve had six in the last week and a half for claims. All dealt with by the fixit unit; however, a pain having to deal with them instead of paid work.

  • It was frustratingly difficult to pin this down. There was certainly a sub set which were down to new requirements now contained in the “electronic handbook”. We now monitor this on all our costs drafting output and it is currently about 50/50 though on our error side this includes things like a £1 typo i.e. not worth rejecting in any event.

  • £1 that’s nothing, had to deal with a rejection on an assessed court bill, where the solicitors had just let the software calculate counsel’s VAT on the assessment certificate and C1, rather than using the figures on the bill and as the LAA had pinched pennies of counsel’s VAT as is there want, they had claimed 4 pence more in VAT. They were insisting that the assess certificate be amended and resealed by the court.

  • I know Monty Python are back together but that is no reason to start doing the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch 😉

  • 4 pence! Luxury!! Bill rejected last week for 2p error!

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