Folsom Prison Blues

It is only when you see the red, “tracked changes” version of the new Prison Law Specification that you appreciate the full vandalism being done to access to justice by the current LC. All to “save” a drop in the ocean compared to, say, money wasted on badly procured governmental IT contracts or on the undervaluation of the Royal Mail giveaway.

We had prison disturbances at the weekend here’s betting that these and Grayling’s other regime change proposals lead to more.

They come into effect on 2nd December.

That this has been done either with indecent haste or general indifference seems evidenced by the fact that they cannot even be bothered properly to re-number the section;

12.24 Not used.
12.25 Not used.
12.26 Not used.
12.27 Not used.
12.28 Not used.
12.29 Not used.
12.30 Not used.
12.31 Not used.
12.32 Not used.

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