Retro and Vintage

Walked past one of those shops on the way to the LAA’s offices – you know the type essentially charity shops on a commercial footing. It was a retro day in an other way as I took a trip back in time and did my first Cost Committee hearing in over 8 years (the Clerk provided by the LAA has raised a family in the intervening period).

I never found these enjoyable experiences, though at one time I was doing as many as 3 a week. Consequently I did not really miss them, on a personal level, when they disappeared. They are however demonstrably better at teasing out the relevant issues and give a degree of fairness noticeably absent from the deeply flawed ICA procedures. Yesterdays very reasonable interchange about the issues being a case in point, although we were not helped by the LAAs refusal to appear and justify their findings.

Results in a while.

Off “shouting” at fee earners today – well they did ask for it.

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